Chongqing Yangtze Machinery &Equi Co.,Ltd

Chongqing Yangtze Machinery &Equi Co.,Ltd favorite
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No 48, Hualong Avenue,Jiulongpo District,Chongqing,China
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Chongqing Yangtze Machinery &Equi Co.,Ltd(YME) is located in Chongqing,China and it is a company specially engaged in the sales and technical consulting of heavy-duty trucks, special vehicles and construction machinery. It also provides professional training and spare parts supplying services on related vehicles and equipments. The company team has been providing spare parts and maintenance services on heavy-duty trucks and construction machinery since 1985. Over 40 years experience helps the company established a completed spare parts supply system, and built a team with rich technical experience.
YME sells all serial of BEIBEN product and spare parts and it is welcomed by the users and distributor with it's competitive price,guaranteed quality, and swift service reaction. It focus on the clients' actually needs in practice. It provides technique support, professional training, and human resource assistance. All these helps client fully focus on their production activity.